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List Of Digital IC

June 29th, 2013 No comments
IC NoNo of    gate(s)Gate Type
74LS014x  Two input NAND, Open collector
74LS024xTwo input NOR gate
74LS03      4x      Two input NAND, Open collector    
74LS04  6x  Inverter (NOT)
74LS05  6x  Inverter (NOT), Open collector  
74LS06  6x  Inverter (NOT), High voltage Open collector  
74LS07  6x   Buffer (NO-OP), High voltage Open collector  
74LS08  4x  Two input AND  
74LS09  4x   Two inout AND, Open collector  
74LS10  3x   Three input NAND  
74LS11   3x  Three inout AND  
74LS12  3x  Three input NAND, Open collector  
74LS13  2x  Four input, Schmitt Trigger NAND   
74LS14  6x  Inverter (NOT), Schmitt Trigger
74LS16  6x  Inverter (NOT), High voltage Open collector  
74LS17N  6x  Buffer (NO-OP), High voltage Open collector  
74LS20  2xFour input NAND  
74LS21  2x  Four input AND  
74LS22  2x  Four input NAND, Open collector  
7423  2x  Four input NOR with Strobe  
7425  2x  Four input NOR with Strobe  
74LS26  4x  Two input NAND, High voltage  
74LS27  3x  Three input NOR
74LS57P  3xFrequency divider, 5:1, 6:1, 10:1  
74LS28  4x  Two input NOR  
74LS30  6x  Eight input NAND  
74LS31  4x  DELAY (6nS to 48nS)  
74LS32  4x  Two input OR  
74LS33  4x  Two input NOR, Open collector  
74LS37   4x  Two inout NAND  
74LS38  4x  Two input NAND, Open collector  
74LS42  Four-to-Ten (BCD to Decimal) DECODER  
74LS45  Four-to-Ten (BCD to Decimal) DECODER, High current  
74LS46  BCD to Seven-Segment DECODER, Open Collector, lamp test and leading zero handling   
74LS48  BCD to Seven-Segment DECODER, lamp test and leading zero handling  
74LS49   BCD to Seven-Segment DECODER, Open collector  
74LS51  (a AND b AND c) NOR (c AND e AND f) plus (g AND h) NOR (i AND j)
74LS54  NOR of Four Two input ANDs  
74LS55  NOR of Two Four input ANDs  
74LS56P   3x  Frequency divider, 5:1, 5:1, 10:1  
74LS68  2x  Four bit BCD decimal COUNTER
74LS69  2x  Four bit binary COUNTER  
74LS73   2x   JK FLIPFLOP with clear  
74LS74  2x   D LATCH, edge triggered with clear  
74LS75  4x   D LATCH, gated  
74LS76A  2x  JK FLIPFLOP with preset and clear  
74LS77    4x  D LATCH, gated  
74LS78A  2x  JK FLIPFLOP with preset and clear  
74LS83   Four bit binary ADDER  
74LS85  Four bit binary COMPARATOR  
74LS86  4x  Two input XOR (exclusive or)  
74LS90  Four bit BCD decimal COUNTER  
74LS91  Eight bit SHIFT register  
74LS93  Four bit binary COUNTER   
74LS95B  Four bit parallel access SHIFT register  
74LS107A2x   JK FLIPFLOP with clear  
74LS109A  2x  JK FLIPFLOP, edge triggered, with preset and clear 
74LS112A  2x  JK FLIPFLOP, edge triggered, with preset and clear  
74LS114A   2xJK FLIPFLOP, edge triggered, with preset  
74LS122  Retriggerable Monostable Multivibrator  
74LS123  Retriggerable Monostable Multivibrator  
74LS125  4x  Buffer (NO-OP), (low gate) Tri-state  
74LS132   4x   Two input NAND, Schmitt trigger  
74LS136  4x     Two input XOR (exclusive or), Open collector   
74LS137  3-8 DECODER (demultiplexer)  
74LS138  3-8 DECODER (demultiplexer)  
74LS139A  2x   2-4 DECODER (demultiplexer)  
74LS145  BCD to Decimal decoder and LED driver  
74LS147   10-4 priority ENCODER  
74LS148   8-3 gated priority ENCODER  
74LS150  16-1 SELECTOR (multiplexer)  
74LS151  8-1 SELECTOR (multiplexer)  
74LS153   2x4-1 SELECTOR (multiplexer)  
74LS154  4-16 DECODER (demultiplexer)  
74LS155A  2x  2-4 DECODER (demultiplexer)  
74LS156  2x   2-4 DECODER (demultiplexer)  
74LS157  4x   2-1 SELECTOR (multiplexer)  
74LS158  4x  2-1 SELECTOR (multiplexer)  
74LS160A  Four bit synchronous BCD COUNTER with load and asynchronous clear 
74LS161A  Four bit synchronous binary COUNTER with load and asynchronous clear  
74LS162A  Four bit synchronous BCD COUNTER with load and synchronous clear 
74LS163A  Four bit synchronous binary COUNTER with load and synchronous clear  
74LS164  Eight bit parallel out SHIFT register  
74LS166A  Eight bit parallel in SHIFT register  
74LS169A   Four bit synchronous binary up+down COUNTER  
74LS174  6x  D LATCH with clear
74LS175  4x   D LATCH with clear and dual outputs  
74LS190  Four bit Synchronous up and down COUNTER  
74LS191  Four bit Synchronous up and down COUNTER  
74LS193  Four bit Synchronous up and down COUNTER  
74LS221  2x  Monostable multivibrator  
74LS240  8x Inverter (NOT), Tri-state  
74LS241  8x   Buffer (NO-OP), Tri-state
74LS2448x   Buffer (NO-OP), Tri-state Line driver  
74LS245   8x   Bidirectional Tri-state BUFFER  
74LS259Eight bit addressable LATCH  
74LS260  2x  Five input NOR  
74LS273  8x  D FLIPFLOP with clear    
74LS279   4x   SR LATCH  
74LS283 Four bit binary full ADDER
74LS3738xTransparent (gated) LATCH, Tri-state
74LS3748xEdge-triggered LATCH, Tri-state
74LS629 Volatge controlled OSCILLATOR
74LS688Eight bit binary COMPARATOR