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Orange Pi Zero GPIO Programming using JAVA

Orange Pi Zero GPIO ProgrammingThis is a simple tutorial on Orange Pi Zero GPIO Programming using JAVA. For this, I have used Pi4J library which also works with Raspberry Pi. This tutorial might help you to interact with GPIO in your IOT projects. In his tutorial, I have tested the application with LUBUNTU OS on Orange Pi Zero.

Links :
Install LUBUNTU on Orange Pi Zero
JAVA Applications on Orange Pi Zero

Github Repository: bit.ly/2oEkHDA

Connection Schematic: bit.ly/2oEBgzm
Website (Orange Pi Zero): bit.ly/2i4g9S0

Buy Orange Pi Zero: bit.ly/2ptMSoN



import com.pi4j.io.gpio.*;
import com.pi4j.platform.Platform;
import com.pi4j.platform.PlatformAlreadyAssignedException;
import com.pi4j.platform.PlatformManager;

public class Mainclass {

    public static void main(String[] args) throws InterruptedException, PlatformAlreadyAssignedException {

    	System.out.println("Starting Demo");
        PlatformManager.setPlatform(Platform.ORANGEPI); // Support for Orange Pi

        final GpioController gpio = GpioFactory.getInstance();

        GpioPinDigitalInput inputPin = gpio.provisionDigitalInputPin(OrangePiPin.GPIO_00,PinPullResistance.PULL_UP);// Pulled UP
        GpioPinDigitalOutput outputPin = gpio.provisionDigitalOutputPin(OrangePiPin.GPIO_07);
        if(inputPin.isLow()){// Checks if switch is pressed.

        	System.out.println("Switch is pressed.");
       // gpio.shutdown();

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